Past Christmas Projects

Past Christmas Projects

I did the Christmas decorating this weekend, so I had access to some of my past Christmas projects. Here are what I’ve done in the past for Christmas that I did not give away. Most of the things I make this time of year are for gifts, so there aren’t very many.
The first image is the oldest piece. It’s a Christmas orniment of a mouse, from a chart my mother gave me. It was origanally meant to go in a frame that came with the kit, but I had long since misplaced the items from the kit aside from the chart. I added the “Merry Christmas” to make the image look fuller. It was the first orniment I cross stitched.
The next is a snowman orniment origanally designed to be a coin holder. I didn’t want to put a coin in it, so I stitched a tiny angel to go in the pocket. It was a gift for my husband, who loves snowmen. I made the angel since I like angels and it looks like the snowman is holding the angel. Nick’s name is stitched on the front.
Below those are a set of three felt orniments I made last year for each person’s new orniment. The bell with the bear was for my son. The star with the snowman was for my husband. The cat ice skating is mine. I changed the cart on the cat, which was formerly orange, so it would look like my cat, Loki. Each of our names and the year are stitched on the backs.
The stocking I made for my son. I have one that my mother stitched for me. I did the cross stitching and my sister-in-law helped me put it and my stocking (which had been waiting to be put together for over 20 years) together. It is lined with gold satin and has a rustic plaid back with pine trees in the pattern.
Below the stocking is the “Baby’s First Christmas” orniment I made for my son. I used a chart from a cross stitch magazine (Cross Stitcher, February 2004), but changed the color from pink to blue, and designed the circle around it and the back to be unique for my son. I make one for each of the baby’s born into my family, and never use the same chart twice. My son was no exception.


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