I got so caught up in getting ready for Christmas that I made my usual mistake. I wrapped the cross stitched presents without photographing them! I stitched 2 mallard duck ornaments, one for my father and one for my grandfather. They are both duck hunters, and I know that if I only made it for one of them, the other would come to me saying “where’s mine?”  For my grandmother, who is known to the older generations of the family as “Mom Cat” and is a great lover of cats, I made a cat in a Santa hat ornament. My new niece, whom I met for the first time today, gets a Baby’s First Christmas Ornament, which I designed, and will never stitch again. I make them to be one of a kind for each of the babies born into my family. This is the fourth year in a row I’ve had a new baby to make one for. Next year will be the fifth, as my other sister-in-law is now expecting her third child, due in July (right in between her  birthday and mine!).

Maybe next year, I’ll remember to photograph all the gifts. I’m almost done with some of the others, and although they aren’t cross stitched, I’ll post them here too.


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