A Bird for Caleb

A Bird for Caleb

I few months ago, I bought a cross stitch magazine that had the kit for this piece as the free gift. My son liked it so much that he kept trying to pull it out of the package before I even paid for it (bare in mind that he’s not yet 2). I stitched and framed it for his room.
It was my “Pocket Cross Stitch” project, which is what I take with me on Sundays to my in-laws house to give me something to do while the kids all nap and the smokers all smoke and chat. Since I’m in neither group, I sit and stitch.
I used the thread that came with the kit, but I switched out the material for some “glass blue” Monaco evenweave. I also framed it instead of using the card that came with it, so my son could have it in his room to look at while he is waiting to fall asleep at nap time.


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