Mother Fairy and Child

Mother Fairy and Child

It’s finally finished! I started it July 25th, and finished it March 12th. There were some months I could not work on it, though, hence it taking so long to complete it.
My version of this piece is unique. I changed the Mother Fairy’s hair, which was originally blond like the child, to auburn, like my own. I also changed all the Kreinik. The dress called for citron, but I chose to use Gold Tourmaline. The wings called for dark grey, but that looked awful when I tried to stitch it that way. So I used sky blue on the child’s wings, since it’s supposed to represent my son. For the mother, I used lilac.
I also left off the name and birth date. This was originally designed to be a birth announcement, but I didn’t want it for that, so I left those details off. It left a negative space behind the mushroom, but to me, it does not give it the appearance of being lacking.
I will be having it professionally framed as soon as I can afford it.


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