Hiatus Over!!

We have our internet problems solved! My hiatus is at an end. Now I just have to get back into the habit of blogging and posting in my online cross stitch groups.

Below, I have posted several new blog entries, one for each of the projects I completed while I was gone. I am currently working on the kit I received for Mother’s Day, on and off, while I also work on my Christmas projects. I still have several ornaments to make, sets of hand warmers, custom pacifier clips, and custom dice bags. I am also making a set of dolls for my son, and a storage bag to keep them in. I have finished the cross stitch for that project, as well as one the dice bags, and just need to run in through the sewing machine in the next day or so. I am also making a sweatshirt with angel wings on the back for me, using gold Kreneik #4 and white satin DMC. I won’t be working on that until I get a little more done on my Christmas projects.

On a personal note, I now have another niece. My niece, Sarah Ann, was born October 21st. She’s a very big girl! She was born at just over 11lbs. Two of my Christmas projects are for her. I am making her a pacifier clip.

I also have a tradition that I do. I do not have a “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament, despite the fact that each of my siblings have 2. As a result of this, I am determined that no child born into my family will be without one. Now, every time a new baby is born into my family, I design and stitch a one of a kind one for them, and I never use the chart again. I need to design and stitch Sarah’s in the next few weeks.

I hope to post more images of the things I’m almost done with later this week.

An Involuntary Hiatus

I have to take an involuntary hiatus for the next few months. My husband and I can no longer afford to keep our internet, so as of this evening, we will be having it shut off. I will try to check in periodically, and post when I finish any big projects, via the wifi at my local Starbucks. I cannot promise that it will be very frequent though.

I am hoping to get my internet back in Spring, as my husband is intending on joining the construction union then, and will be making more money. When we can afford to have the internet again, we will, and I will be back to posting more regularly (hopefully more regularly that I have been in the past few months).

So, good-bye, sort of, for now.